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Cosmic Cliffs

Cosmic Cliffs

The first of our James Webb Telescope Images is in!


What looks much like craggy mountains on a moonlit evening is actually the edge of a nearby, young, star-forming region NGC 3324 in the Carina Nebula. Captured in infrared light by the Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, this image reveals previously obscured areas of star birth.


Called the Cosmic Cliffs, the region is actually the edge of a gigantic, gaseous cavity within NGC 3324, roughly 7,600 light-years away. The cavernous area has been carved from the nebula by the intense ultraviolet radiation and stellar winds from extremely massive, hot, young stars located in the center of the bubble, above the area shown in this image. The high-energy radiation from these stars is sculpting the nebula’s wall by slowly eroding it away.  

Canvas Artworks:

Canvas artworks are large artworks that arrive ready to hang. Printed on premium canvas and then stretched on a wooden frame of 1.5 inch stretcher bars.  Stretched canvas prints look beautiful with or without frames.   We use acid-free canvases with archival inks to guarantee that your artwork lasts a lifetime without fading or loss of color. Lightweight and economical. Arrive ready to hang.

Acrylic HD Artworks:

The ultra smooth high gloss of the acrylic face mounting process compliments the rich colors of any image printed on the Acrylic HD Prints - to produce stunning results. Amazing depth & detail - artwork “glistens” and appears “backlit”. Usually displayed as a frameless Float Mounted image where the artwork has the appearance of "floating" off the wall about 1 inch.  These are the same materials that is found in pro galleries & museums such as the Smithsonian. Arrive ready to hang.

HD Metallic Luster Prints:

This Loose/Rolled option fine art paper has subtle metallic qualities that introduces a luminous and beautiful presentation. This paper reacts with light, and allows the photograph to actually change with lighting conditions.  Appropriately named metallic paper (but not commercial metallic papers commonly used that are foil-like and brassy), the compounds contained in the laminate layers of this paper captures light and disperses it in different ways determined by the amount, angle, type and intensity of light in a given space. Characteristics of Metallic Luster prints are image clarity, color saturation/purity, luster textured (not glossy), metallic featured, as well as having longevity qualities able to produce super-gamut accuracy to the original image.  Shipped loose/rolled to be stored or mounted and framed later.

HD Poster Prints:

Artisan HD Poster Loose/Rolled Prints are large and full definition prints on heavy satin 240 gsm poster paper. 


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