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Welcome to the world of Science+Art!

Overall, our site invites you to explore, create, share and celebrate the wonders of our natural world - from the ancient past to the future.  Browse though the Biology, History and Space departments and connect with exclusive and handmade artworks - perfect for unique designers, enthusiasts and gifters. Reach out anytime if you find yourself with questions or custom commissioned pieces or recommendations.

With our insect displays, we love simple, streamlined and classic, we have taken a modernist approach to framing & procuring our insect collection. With eco-friendly and up-cycled (as well as high end fine art materials),  admirers are able to truly enjoy the framed butterflies, moths or beetles with quality experience.  So whether you are looking for a framed butterfly as a gift, or a grouping of multiple butterflies or beetles, Arts of Science is designed with fresh and custom creativity to help you find that perfect insect art or project specimen.

Many of our butterflies and beetles were raised on butterfly farms or aviaries around the world.  Various governments in developing countries are encouraging their people to raise insects for economic advancement rather than other industries that deplete the rain forests, which are essential to most insect species.  Butterfly farming in particular, is self-sustainable and most butterflies and other insects live on an average of only 20 - 60 days.  When the farm raised butterflies have died naturally, they are carefully gathered and exported around the world.  This method only uses insects that are legally imported into the country as regulated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department.

As a biologist, I am always concerned with the ecological impacts as it relates to business enterprises.  And with this in mind I am pleased that most of the materials we use are created from recycled processes and all products are completely recyclable, including the insects themselves.

Now do like me and collect obsessively and connect to your world in a tangible way - a way that will encourage and cultivate an understanding, learning and compassion for an environment and headspace that can benefit from our awareness of the now, the past, and the future.


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