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Attacus atlas ♀

Attacus atlas ♀

The Great Atlas Moth, one of the largest lepidopterans: the butterflies, moths, and skippers. Both forewings have a prominent extension at the tip, with markings that resemble the head of a jungle snake, a resemblance which is exaggerated by movements of the wings when the moth is confronted by potential nearby predators. The Atlas moth has no mouth really, and they do not eat once they have emerged from the cocoon, relying on fat storage for energy.  This is the last stage of their life cycle. Every flight takes valuable energy and can take days off their already short lives; as it has a very short life span of only one to two weeks.


 In general, the females are bigger than the males, and the males have enhanced, wider and longer feathery antennae. Also, the males "windows" or transparent white spots are more triangular, whereas the females is more tear drop shaped.  Both have incredible coloration with the males being a little darker and the females having some white frosting.

  • While we try our best to depict the actual colors & design of our butterflies & other insect artworks on our website, we cannot guarantee that the insect & its artwork design you receive will be identical in color, shade or size as the one you see on our website.
  • Our frames are not air-sealed. This will allow you to repair your butterfly, beetle or other insect should it become necessary. Since our insects specimens have been professionally preserved and dried, we guarantee that your display will last and look wonderful for a very long time. Therefore, air sealing is merely a personal choice and not a necessity.  This also allows for inside frame cleaning from time to time such as interior glass due to organic out gassing over time and is natural.
  • We may substitute a different size frameset (in same color) depending on variability aspects such as insect size and product availability.
  • Most artworks are shipped within a week of ordering but may require a few days longer to prepare some insects.
  • Due to some insects having extremely fragile antennae, we may remove them preemptively because they rarely ship successfully.
PriceFrom $34.77
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