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Dynastes hercules ♂♀

Dynastes hercules ♂♀

The mighty Hercules beetle is a species of rhinoceros beetle native to the rainforests of Central America, South America, and the Lesser Antilles. It is the longest existing species of beetle in the world, and is also one of the largest flying insects in the world. Hercules beetles are also named for their incredible strength. Normal rhinoceros beetles can carry up to 30 times their mass. Compare this to the Hercules beetle – which can carry up to 850 times its mass – and you will see why these beetles are considered the strongest insects in the world.


The males use the large "pincher" horns to fight each other. Males are attracted chemically and audibly to the females, often drawing more than one male. The two males engage in battle by trying to lift each other. Hercules beetles often fight on tree branches, the first male to be picked up is often dropped off the branch. This ends the fight allows the successful male to mate with the female. She will gestate for about a month before she lays up to 100 eggs near a fresh source of rotting wood.  These beetles are sexually dimorphic - meaning the male and female physically have structual differences.  The males feature the long horn whereas the female is smaller and lacks the feature entirely.

  • While we try our best to depict the actual colors & design of our butterflies and other insect artworks on our website, please note that colors, rendering and hand crafting may appear differently from one computer to another. We cannot guarantee that the insect & its artwork design you receive will be identical in color, shade or size as the one you see on our website.
  • Our frames are not air-sealed. This will allow you to repair your butterfly, beetle or other insect should it become necessary. Since our insects specimens have been professionally preserved and dried, we guarantee that your display will last and look wonderful for a very long time. Therefore, air sealing is merely a personal choice and not a necessity.  This also allows for inside frame cleaning from time to time such as interior glass due to organic out gassing over time and is natural.
  • We may substitute a different size frameset in same color depending on variability aspects such as insect size and product availability.
  • Most artworks are shipped within a week of ordering but may require a few days longer to prepare some insects.
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