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Heliconius doris eratonius

Heliconius doris eratonius

Like other Heliconiines, doris has a very graceful and persistent flight, powering its wings very slowly as it flutters in search of flowers or larval food and plants.  Males often settle close to streams in dappled sunlight, to imbibe mineralised moisture from rocks, mud or sand. Both sexes fly in open sunlight and visit Lantana flowers for nectar. Females also visit Psiguria and Psychotia flowers for pollen. They process the pollen to extract proteins which enable them to continue producing eggs over a long period. The proteins also increase longevity - adults can live for up to 9 months, much longer than other rainforest species.

  • While we try our best to depict the actual colors & design of our butterflies & other insect artworks on our website, we cannot guarantee that the insect & its artwork design you receive will be identical in color, shade or size as the one you see on our website.
  • Our frames are not air-sealed. This will allow you to repair your butterfly, beetle or other insect should it become necessary. Since our insects specimens have been professionally preserved and dried, we guarantee that your display will last and look wonderful for a very long time. Therefore, air sealing is merely a personal choice and not a necessity.  This also allows for inside frame cleaning from time to time such as interior glass due to organic out gassing over time and is natural.
  • We may substitute a different size frameset (in same color) depending on variability aspects such as insect size and product availability.
  • Most artworks are shipped within a week of ordering but may require a few days longer to prepare some insects.
  • Due to some insects having extremely fragile antennae, we may remove them preemptively because they rarely ship successfully.
PriceFrom $8.77
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