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Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Tablet

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Tablet

8x12 inches round (Tablet)
8x13 inches (Tablet + Stand)


NEW laser engraved/etched Indiana Jones Raisers of the Lost Ark commemorative details on hand chipped black slate stone with wood stand as part of the Ancient SciFi Series Tablets and requested follow-up to our Holy Grail SciFi tablet artwork.  Lift the slate and get a special reveal on the stand back.   Even the "easter egg" of C3PO & R2D2 found in the background in one scene by George Lucas is commemorated here!  Created to display on the included wood stand or hand held and enjoyed!  Pictured one is representative of the next created.  Damn this is a perfect gift!

How about some Sci-Fi fun? Each fictional motion picture  artwork is taken from models and descriptions to create a few must-haves for all of us out there!

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