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Maya Tablet of the Slaves

Maya Tablet of the Slaves

11x14 inches (Tablet)
11x 15 inches (Tablet + Stand)


New detailed and accurate ancient Mayan Tablet of the Slaves created on distressed edged black slate with wood stand or hand held and enjoyed as part of the Ancient Relica Series Tablets.  Incredible detail from the original carved panels discovered in the Ancient City of Palenque, Ancient Mexico where some of the most famous temples and Mayan hieroglyphics were discovered.  This is one of the several famous tablet discoveries at Palenque.  Some of the others are The Tablet of the Sun, Tablet of the Cross, Tablet of the Tree of Life and of course the Sarcophagus Lid of King Pakal - all available at Arts of Science.

This Maya art panel is a carved stone relief that depicts a ceremony celebrating the retirement of King Pakal’s military chief. The chief is shown with his parents, of royal blood, as they are shown presenting him with offerings of important emblems of social status. The details from the relief highlights the chief's accomplishments as a superior warrior. He is seated on a throne of human captives, which in Mayan culture was a symbol of his great warrior success. During the period of King Pakal's reign, Palenque reached the height of its development and expansion. This is also a time Pakal expanded Palenque's power in the western part of the Maya states, and initiated a building project at his capital that produced some of the finest art and architecture of the Mayan culture and civilization.

Each artwork from the Ancient Relica Series is created to be visually and tactically exciting.  The heavy cold feel of the black slate and rough edges drives a sense of discovery.  You just can't get this feeling from books or pictures... you need to feel.... let your eyes feel.  Experience what it's like to explore the details of these ancient hieroglyphs, pictographs and petroglyphs up close and personal.  Our goal is to give you profoundness and discovery - like when such sites were first uncovered. Each Artwork is completely unique and are modeled after the original inscriptions and images.  These relics you CAN touch!  Discover your World!


Created to display on included wood stand or handheld for close inspection.  This image is representative of the next one we create. Each is completely unique but similar to picture and dimensions. Message for a current picture of the available one if desired.   Made to wow, Made by hand, Made in Austin, Texas USA.

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