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The Weighing of the Heart - Show Piece

The Weighing of the Heart - Show Piece

23x12 inches (Tablet)
23x13 inches (Tablet + Stand)


Egyptian panel showing the famous "Weighing of the Heart" judgement scene in the Egyptian Book of the Dead created on real black slate. Final judgment scene before Osiris, the judge of the dead, previous to the admission of the soul into the mansions of the blessed. Osiris is seated on his throne, attended by Isis and Nepthys; and before him are the Four Genii of Amenti standing on a lotus. Horus introduces the deceased, after his actions have been weighed in the scales of Truth, and recorded by Thoth. Anubis presides over the balance; and Cerberus is present, seated at the gates, into which the deceased is conducted by Horus, followed by his sister, who was probably also his wife.


Each artwork from the Ancient Relica Series is created to be visually and tactically exciting.  The heavy cold feel of the black slate and rough edges drives a sense of discovery.  You just can't get this feeling from books or pictures... you need to feel.... let your eyes feel.  Experience what it's like to explore the details of these ancient hieroglyphs, pictographs and petroglyphs up close and personal.  Our goal is to give you profoundness and discovery - like when such sites were first uncovered. Each Artwork is completely unique and are modeled after the original inscriptions and images.  These relics you CAN touch!  Discover your World!


Created to display on included wood stand or handheld for close inspection.  This image is representative of the next one we create. Each is completely unique but similar to picture and dimensions. Message for a current picture of the available one if desired.   Made to wow, Made by hand, Made in Austin, Texas USA.

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